Data Security: What are the Key GDPR Requirements?

GDPR…What The Heck Is This?

Hello again. What the Heck Is GDPR ?

So I just recently got back into blogging and building my e-mail marketing business from the ground up. The other day I get an e-mail form google reminding me about GDPR coming into effect On the May 25th, right?

I have to admit that I have know clue what I need to do. There are only 6 days left so…I decided to share some post from other sites That are helping me understand just what I need to do to comply.

WP GDPR Compliance

I found a plug in for wordpress called WP GDPR Compliance. I have installed it and so far so good. If you own a wordpress site just got to your dash board and scroll down to plugins and select add new. Then search for WP GDPR Compliance, and install. Once installed it will show up under the tools section in your dashboard.

They make it really simple to start to figure out if you need to do anything by providing a checklist with-in the plug in. You answer a few questions and they tell you what you need to do. Once it’s set up then you should be in compliance with GDPR. At least thats my understanding right now.

We have 6 days so here is my 1st share on the subject from Bronto Blog. Enjoy and learn!Bronto Blog


Data Security: What are the Key GDPR Requirements?

The GDPR data security requirements can be classified into three broad categories. Understanding your responsibilities for each is key to GDPR compliance The post Data Security: What are the Key GDPR Requirements? appeared first on Bronto Blog.

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