The Notorious Satoshi Nakamoto

A Review Of Finding Satoshi

I recently have been reading “Life After Google¬† The Fall Of Big Data and The Rise Of The Blockchain Economy” by Gene Gilder. There is one chapter that takes your mind on a trip to meet up with the infamous Satoshi Nakamoto.
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One chapter of this great and intriguing book takes you to a virtual interview with Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin’s blockchain. Notice¬†I said the creator of Bitcoin’s blockchain, I will discuss that statement in another post, but for now let’s focus on this great story. This story starts of with mentioning that up until 2010 you could at least find Satoshi Nakamoto’s avatar in the chat’s and forum’s….then poof he/she disappeared. Then in 2014 this person reappeared in the chat’s to announce that they were in fact not Dorian Nakamoto, which is the person that many think could very well have been the notorious Nakamoto.

Who Is Dorian Nakamoto

Dorian Nakamoto was believed by many for a long time to be the notorious Satoshi Nakamoto because of his background. Dorian Nakamoto is a former CIA coder, so many folks have thought that he was the one whom created the Bitcoin blockchain because of his expertise involved the use and knowledge of C++( a coding language that is a part of the blockchain’s code). But let me set your mind at ease Dorian is not the creator of this marvelous technology.

I can somewhat understand why folks would think that this person could be Satoshi, but my common sense clearly understands why he is not.

Think about it, why in the world would a person that is so intelligent create something so amazing, so controversial and without a doubt that would make them a target, then they actually allow their real selfs to be known. Makes no sense to me at all.
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Myself I have never thought that the real person behind this great creation would have allowed them selves to be found so easy, thus it makes no sense to me that Dorian could be this person that so many have searched for and still are.

The Virtual Interview with Nakamoto

George Gilder takes you thru an interview that he has in his mind. During this interview he ask the typical questions like why did you disappear, how exactly does the blockchain work and what makes the final product “Bitcoin” valuable.

He surmises that the reason that Satoshi went into hiding was because of how Wiki-Leaks Founder Julian Assange was being treated by the US…and still to this day is in legal trouble with the US.

He also believes that Satoshi went into hiding as well because he knew that if Bitcoin proved to be valuable and was able to be used like fiat currency then the governments of the world would not like that and therefore would be after him. On the other hand, if Bitcoin ends up being a big failure costing folks lots of money as a result….then again he was going to hunted and tried for various charges. So he went into hiding.

In his discussion with Nakamoto it was explained why bitcoin holds a value:

  • He says that it’s due to all of the work that it takes to create and that with out that work being done a bitcoin cannot be created any other way making it rare and valuable.
  • Then to make it even more valuable it is limited on how many can be produced.
  • Next is as more folks use it and acquire it the value also should also increase with circulation.

He also says that he designed it so that the blockchain would take years to mine all of the bitcoins so that improvements could be made along the way. What he created was only a sound foundation.

Of course this is all in George Gilder’s mind.

He mention’s a person that he believes is the most likely person he has found that he believes is the infamous Satoshi Nakamoto.

But this book is so good I am going to be a mean host and make you go read it to find out whom he thinks it is.

I bought this book for my audible account…I like to listen to books while I work on my other projects and while I am marketing my offers.

Give it a read I believe you’ll enjoy it…I have listened to it 4 times already!!! It’s very good indeed!!!

I am a Lurker…Are You?

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I Am A Lurker And That's Not Good For Business

Over the weekend I sat in on an

Affiliate Funnel Webinar
. The topic was about the importance of building your relationships on-line, especially in this particular community of marketers.
For me personally, I find it challenging because I tend to get lost sending out e-mails, surfing ads or creating ads.
I usually keep my skype on in the background….but I will be honest, I am also a freak for efficiency, so on top of getting lost in the surfing and such, a part of me can't help but think of the time I will spend trying to type out conversations that is lost along with the advertising credits.
Marci Jones-Fritz made some really valid points during her webinar:

  • Until You Brand Your Self and Business, you need to be making connections with other like minded persons in this community so you can build trust.
  • Building relationships in this community can lead to you finding the help you need when you need it much quicker.
  • When you are building your E-mail List, do not stop at just getting them to subscribe, reach out to them let them know you are there for them, offer to help them as much as you can. Send them E-mails on the regular, what ever that maybe every week, daily, bi-weekly etc..That way they

    1. Expect your E-mails
    2. You are keeping your relationship active with them by doing so.

  • Actively communicating with others will build trust in you as a person, because you are allowing folks to get to know you.

Do you lurk? Cause I do but that does not mean that I do not pay attention to the conversations, it just means that I need to break a bad habit and learn to communicate with folks on-line more.
It's weird…I think any ways, that I have so much of a problem with talking to folks in the chats on-line or making sure that I am sending e-mails to my list to keep them active and build my relationships with them.
If I were to meet each and everyone of you off line in a factory or a construction site, the truck stop etc… I would be talking your head off before long…LOL
So befor I end this post today I would like to let yas all know that My skype is : patricksimpson652
My facebook is : patrick.simpson.355

And My Twitter is @ziggy2get69

So if you too are a lurker and want to break the habit with me….let's connect and I will try my best to pretend that we are on the production line!!

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