Do You Know How Your Crypto Wallet Is Created?

Do You Know How Your Crypto Wallet Is Created?

I have wondered just exactly how my Crypto Wallet is created. Have You?

The wallets I work with (CoinBase, CoinPot, CoinPayments, Exdous) all take care of the creation process for me when I sign-up. I have never had to write down a string of meaningless words and then run them through a program that translates them into what ultimately is my crypto wallet address. Sure I have my wallet addresses saved to several different forms of media and have them handwritten as well as printed.

I found this article in the NYT’s that talks about how a Crypto Wallet is created on the ethereum and bitcoin blockchains. The process that the author describes is not one that I have personally went through… was done for me by the wallets I use. I only needed to make a record of my private, public keys.

The post I am sharing touches on how Metatask is used to create your crypto wallet address for Bitcoin and ethereum. Then he describes how the blockchain works.

It’s a very interesting and educational read for sure. Give it read and learn something new today…I did. Enjoy…….

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