Experts Think It Is Possible Ethereum Prices Could Drop To Zero?

Experts Think It Is Possible Ethereum Prices Could Drop To Zero?

Depending on the source you are referring to, Ethereum prices are going to fluctuate madly. The  Satis Group has predicted that ethereum prices will never break $1,000 ever again. They also predict that in 2019 ethereum prices will reach $880, only to start dropping in value by $100 USD  at 3yrs, 5yrs and finally at 10 yrs.

Scalability Is the Issue That Could Cause Ethereum Prices To Drop To $0

Jeremy Rubin a very active contributor and investor in the crypto community, believes that it is possible that there could be a time that ETH will be valued at $0.

The possibility that ETH prices could drop to zero is plausible because of how the ETH blockchain is designed to scale up. At least that is the way I am understanding it.

Jeremy Rubin and other investors think that if the Ethereum network thrives that there will come a time that the asset(Ethereum) will drop to zero because of the way Ethereum blockchain is designed to scale up.

Ethereum has had problems with being able to scale up which has caused the asset Ethereum to loose value as a result. Jeremy Rubin believes that because of this issue that if  the scalability issue gets solved, then the asset itself (Ethereum) will drop to 0, which means the blockchain will no longer need “gas” to complete transactions.

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Valued At 0, Ethereum Blockchain Is Still Valuable

The Ethereum Blockchain though will still be useful and successful, because it will be able to used for the adoption of other crypto currencies or sevices.

If the issue of scalability gets solved, then the Ethereum community will have to decided whether or not to allow their blockchain to be used by other crypto currency ventures/services.

It seems to me that the issue of scalability is both good for Ethereum Prices and short term investments. If you look down the road though and Jeremy Rubin is right, the real value of the ethereum blockchain will be that it can be used to successfully adapt it for use with other crypto currencies and sevices, such as publishing blogs, news and keeping corporate records secure and accurate.

My Final Thoughts On The Ethereum Blockchain

With this particular blockchain the possibilities are exciting and endless,but only if the ethereum community decides to let the blockchain evolve to become as powerful has it can be…the real value is not in the amount of money the asset ethereum is worth, it’s in the way this blockchains has the ability to create smart contracts and keep them secure while providing fast service.

Any ways thats my take on this fine post….check it out below and drop me a line in the comments section letting me know what you get from reading this article from Global Coin Report:

Could ETH Price Drop to Zero?

READ LATER – DOWNLOAD THIS POST AS PDFAs frightening as the above title may sound, the ETH price might go to zero. This is according to several observations by crypto enthusiasts about the technical difficulties the platform is having in scaling. Global Coin …

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Crypto Currency Market Predictions From Satis Group are Wild

Satis Group Wildly Predicts Monero To Be Worth $18k In 5 Years

Today while researching recent news on crypto currency market predictions, I came across a post from a research firm that is predicting some wild crypto currency price increases as well as some scary price drops.

One of those crypto currency market predictions from the Satis Group is that Monero (XMR) will be worth $18k in five years!!! Below is a screen shot of my current balance for my coin-hive account:

coin hive balance screenshot

As You can see my current balance is 0.00609531 XMR, which is equal to 0.7525269725999999 USD at the time of this post. Coin Gecko is showing Monero is around $123 USD at the time of this writing.

The Satis group is using some tech and software to help them with their predictions, but I think their crypto currency market predictions are way off! If they are right though I am going to be rich beyond my wildest dreams in five years. I am mining Monero via Coin-hive, by the 1st of the year this site will have a page for my readers to browser mine from allowing them to monetize their time they spend online.

Satis Group does have some crypto currency market predictions, that I think may be hitting the nail on the head.

Charlie Lee The Founder Of Litecoin, Sold It All

Their prediction for litecoin for example is a real probability. Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, sold off all of his LTC and put it all into Bitcoin Cash. Charlie Lee himself said that he believed that Bitcoin Cash is the crypto currency that will be most useful as far as crypto being used for everyday expenses.

I believe that Charlie Lee selling his LTC is a big part of the reason that since March of this year, Litecoin has lost value dropping from around $120-150 USD to now $54- 64 USD.

If the Satis Group is correct with their crypto currency market predictions, then Charlie Lee is going to regret his decision to sell off all of his LTC to buy Bitcoin cash.
Find More Info Here in a documentary about Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies on CNBC Bitcoin Or Bust

Bitcoin Cash Is Predicted To Be Worth Only $180

The Satis Group is predicting Bitcoin Cash to end up being worth $180. I am not so sure because I know of a lot of businesses online that prefer bitcoin cash over other crypto currencies, even over Bitcoin. If that continues to be the trend online I do not think that their prediction will come to lite.

Any ways I am blown away by the Satis Group’s crypto currency market predictions, If I am lucky then monetizing this site via coin-hive browser mining is going to make me very rich in ten yrs since they predict in 2028 Monero (XMR) will be valued at around $39k!!

Give the post below a read, I think you will enjoy it and find it very intriguing and humorous. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Research Firm Satis Group Predicts Bitcoin at $144,000 in 10 Years, Bitcoin Cash at $180

Research firm Satis Group has released a new report making bold price predictions about the current leading cryptocurrencies on the market. It is attempting to create accurate valuations based on real-world data. Individual Crypto Asset Valuations As an emerg…

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The Mission:Create A Crypto Based Economy

The Mission:Create A Crypto Based Economy

At the beginning of the of this year, a group of crypto investors decided that it was time to build a city that would be using crypto currency as its only form of payments for products and services.

One of the biggest investors is former child star Brock Pierce. Pierce and a group of investors had been looking for a location for over a year. Then unfortunately, hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. That tragedy created the opportunity they were looking for….Brock Pierce has been there since Dec. 2017. He had been visiting there checking things out since around 2013, with the idea of building a town that all financial transactions are done via crypto currency.

Puertopia A Crypto Based Economy

It seems that the idea of a Crypto based economy may actually happen. Several crypto pioneers have moved their operations there, or are in the process of doing so.

They decided to name this town/city “Puertopia”. Before their idea of a Crypto based economy can actually happen, Puerto Rico needs help recovering. This actually is going to be a real chance for crypto currency to become a mainstream currency.

The post I am sharing below is about the coming together of a group of crypto investors that some say are dodging taxes is all they are doing. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

Making a Crypto Utopia in Puerto Rico

Dozens of entrepreneurs, made newly wealthy by virtual currencies, have moved to the island to avoid taxes on their fortunes — and to build a society that runs on blockchain.

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Hey P.S. :

I did a little more research and found this this video on YouTube By CNBC that was done in June. It’s 40 minutes + ,  So I gave You a link to get a bit of an update to the progress being made : PUERTOPIA: Crypto movement to Puerto Rico

Check It Out, I think you will see that it may actually be helpful to Puerto Rico’s overall recovery to create a Crypto based economy. Such a system takes control out of government hands and puts it in the peoples hands. With the tax laws we have, the way Puerto Rico’s Government decides the countries financial decisions……I think this may Really happen. At the very least the Crypto community is coming together to help for sure.