When Is The Right Time To Invest In Crypto?

Is There A right Time To Invest

Have you been wondering if it’s time to invest in crypto? Wondering if the time is right?

Well me too….but I went ahead and bought a measly $20 in Litecoin this month, I am down right now about 5-10 bucks depending on the market of course.

I intend to roll my Litecoin over and invest in crypto called “Steem”. When I did so this month, my plan was and still is to hold onto my Litecoin until around August 27th-30th and then hopefully the price will show me a profit so that I am able to buy more than $20 worth of Steem.

Good plan right….well, it’s the 20th of the month and I am down as I said 5-10 bucks. I invested at $64 per Litecoin, it made since to invest in crypto at the time I did….still does to me too.

Litecoin and all Crypto currencies have been on one heck of a ride this summer for sure, but I myself have noticed that crypto currency dips at the 1st of the month and then seems to come up towards the end of the same month.

It seems the story for this summer for crypto currencies has been a downward trend if you look at the charts.

I am no expert at all, but I think that if you can spare a little money then sure invest in crypto right now….but only if you can really spare the cash!! I believe that history will repeat itself and crypto currencies are going to end up around 9-10 thousand per bitcoin by years end….because of the Holiday season yet to come, we are all ready seeing ads for X-mas!!

I spent a lousy $20 bucks, could you imagine someone whom invest in crypto thousands of dollars? The way the crypto markets have been over the summer? That’s why I plan to keep my monthly out of pocket investments small, $20!!

The post that I am sharing with you below is about how bitcoin works mostly…..the title is a bit mis-leading, yet still a good read for someone whom is new to crypto currency.

Any ways as to whether or not to invest in crypto right now I say yes, but only if you can afford to and know a little something about the market. I don’t think that I will earn a profit this month but I do think I will come close to breaking even….either way come the 27th-30th I will be using that Litecoin to buy Steem.

So enjoy and let me know what you think makes it a good time or bad time to invest in crypto currency.


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