So Every One Is Going Nuts For Crypto


So Every One Is Going Nuts For Crypto and BitCoin Bully

So every one seems to be nuts over Crypto! Hello, I am Patrick Simpson and I am a affiliate marketer much like your self. I recently started to get involved again with Crypto. I was already checking out the pulse of the Traffic Exchange world and the Crypto world when Jon Olson announced that TimTech was launching a new site Called BitCoin Bully.


Crypto currency is a digital form of currency that is not managed by a centralized institution. Well what does that mean exactly? It means that all of the digital currency in existence is controlled by individuals and not banks or private financial institutions.

This is good for you and me…not so much for our governments or our large corporations that rely on the old quickly becoming extinct form of currency. Our governments don’t like Crypto Currency because the way it is structured all payments are anonymous. There fore it is harder for governments like the United States, to tax and keep track of whom has how much and how much are they reporting, spending.


Crypto currency has been around since 2008-2009. First form of crypto was called Bit Coin (btc). The 1st transaction took place in 2009 when a guy on one side of the country wanted a pizza but all he had was bitcoin. Another guy on the other side of the country had the money to buy the pizza and have it delivered to the owner of the bitcoin. So long story short, one guy got his pizza and the other got some crypto for it!!

Crypto Currency Is Becoming Easier To Use In 2018

Fast forward to 2018 and things are a changing in the crypto currency world. It is becoming much easier to use crypto currencies to make purchases offline because of the technological advances in just the last 10 years. As well as the widening acceptance of crypto currencies offline.

Today you can move your crypto from your crypto wallet to your brick and mortar bank account by using Coinbase, Xapo, Exodus and so many more. You can also get a debt card to put your crypto currencies on that will allow you to spend that coin where the accepted currency is the dollar or euro ETC…

BitCoin Bully

Timtech introduced Bitcoin Bully a couple of months ago. If you have not yet joined and are wondering how to get started with Bit Coin and the other types of digital currencies. Well Bitcoin Bully is the best place to start. You can Join Here:

bitcoin bully crypto currency lessons
BitCoin Bully will teach you how to get started quickly with the best sites to collect BTC from, and you won’t have to do anything except for invest your time and effort. Just follow their plan and with in minutes your will be diversifying your financial portfolio!

It took me 2 weeks after signing up for BitCoin Bully until I made my 1st mining investment.

Until my next post have a great and successful adventure collecting Crypto!!


Author: Patrick Simpson

I am a affiliate marketer and heavily into crypto currencies. I use traffic exchanges and various safe list and viral mailers to help me build my downlines. I am currently developing my 1st site to come later in 2018(hoping for a Fall launch), I am also lauching my own apparel line of produts this fall(2018). I plan to use the affiliate marketing to learn from and grow my businesses. This blog is my journey and my gift of lessons I have learned for you to learn from.