Andra: Tokenizing Venture Capital; BatchOverflow: Hacking ERC20 tokens; Reddit: Accepts Bitcoin again

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Hello again, Today I am sharing a post from Daily Fintech. This was published earlier this month, May 7th 2018.

After reading this post I have to say I picked an exciting and challengeing time to get back into crypto currency.

I had heard of stories of crypto currency block chains being hacked so to speak. But I never realized until today just how vulnerable my favorite crypto currency is to being hacked.

I like to collect Ethereum from free faucets. For about 2 months I was using my Exodus Wallet address. As I got closer to being able to cashout at Faucethub, I find out that they won’t pay to Exodus because it is considered a contract wallet.

Long story short…It made me go thru the headache of getting back into my Coinbase account after 31/2 yrs. Which brings me to another point that was made in this post.

What was the real reason behind Reddit suspending Bitcoin payments earlier this year? They say that Coinbase is partly to blame as well as all the fees involved with transactions for bitcoin.

Miners are also basically price gouging as well. Meaning that miners were being picky about which payments they chose to process during heavy periods, and raising their fees because they could not keep up. That’s my take , anyways.

What are your thoughts? Give it a read…the Links below:


Andra: Tokenizing Venture Capital; BatchOverflow: Hacking ERC20 tokens; Reddit: Accepts Bitcoin again

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