AMD, NVIDIA Have Some New Competition From Chip Makers

New Chip Makers Will Give AMD,NVIDIA Competition In the Crypto Currency Mining Market

The demand for graphics cards is on the rise because of miners needing them to mine crypto currencies with.

This is creating a problem for AMD and NVIDIA to keep up with the chips that are necessary for their graphics cards.

It seems that there is a company based in China that has answered that issue. Bitmain have developed their own graphics card and a chip that miners can use to mine ethereum fairly easy. This is expected to cut into AMD and NVIDIA’s share of the market.

There are going to be many more chip makers to get into the business of at least making the GPU chip that miners are after….it just so happens that chip is usually on a graphics card.

It is simply the CPU for the graphics card. It works better for mining because unlike the CPU for your computer, it’s only job is to run commands for graphics.

That means that there is plenty of  free time on it’s hands so to speak. Miners use it to solve algorithms. When they are able to solve enough the fastest then the reward is the crypto they are mining.

It’s a little bit easier to keep the graphics cards cooler as well. Thus again making the demand for them higher.

A miner like myself, mining from their home may have a rig that has 6 cards in one system and they may have 10 systems in their homes! I do not yet and I may never because it’s so easy to buy mining contracts these days. I do mine here on this site and I have a computer set up mining ethereum with its CPU not the GPU (the graphics card)

I myself think it’s good, I am new to mining and like the fact that I can now find more sources for the hardware I need to mine crypto.

Any ways check it out and give me your thoughts on being able to get the hardware you need to build your mining rig?

AMD, NVIDIA at Risk on New Cryptocurrency Chip

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