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I Have been busy lately, which means….


This past week…well the last 3 weeks have been busy for me. I am still working on getting fully back into my main house that I left set empty all of last year.
This week looks as though it will be much the same as the previous 3.
That means that I am not able to market as much in the TE’s. I will not be able to work on my blogs as much as I would Like to as well.
I will be able to send out E-mails though!!

Use Safelist And Viral Mailers To Help You Maximize Your Time

As I said, I am busy getting my main house together. My previous experience has taught me that using safelist and viral mailers gets results…period!!
Over this weekend alone I sent out 5-6 solos, and roughly 20k e-mails, my results=3 new subscribers and 2 new referrals.
I am unable to get those kinda results using TE’s alone. Te’s are great for getting traffic to your site or squeeze/splash pages but…….if your new to a community, you most likely will not get any results, not until folks get to know ya a bit.
With safelist and Viral Mailers, folks kinda have to sit there and check out your ads so they can mail too.
That means that if they are interested in what you are offering they can just open another window and complete the steps they need to complete…all the while the timer in the other window is still running down. They are not being inconvenienced as much as they would be while surfing sites in the TE’s, since most TE timers are below 10 sec.
I have noticed that although most of the safelist and viral mailers I use have less then 10-15 sec. timers, I tend to get results from sending e-mails for the same ads I am running in the TE’s…all I get from the TE’s is traffic.
The TE’s for me right now are just a way to allow folks to get familiar with who I am and what I am offing….until folks do I know that 9 times outta 10 they are not going to interrupt their surfing to truly check out my offers or even my site….they for sure are not going to subscribe to my list from a TE.
At least in my experience until folks are familiar with me they do not join or subscribe from TE’s. Once they are used to seeing my ads and are adjusted to my particular, shall we say flavor of advertising, then I will start to see results from TE’s just as easily as I do when I send E-mails….I know I will cause I have done this before, I know how this works.
If your strapped for time send out e-mails, you should include safelist and viral mailers in your advertising plan anyways. Use the TE’s to brand yourself and network with others. As time goes by and you are consistent then getting results in the TE’s comes just as easily….at least that has been my experience.


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I am a affiliate marketer and heavily into crypto currencies. I use traffic exchanges and various safe list and viral mailers to help me build my downlines. I am currently developing my 1st site to come later in 2018(hoping for a Fall launch), I am also lauching my own apparel line of produts this fall(2018). I plan to use the affiliate marketing to learn from and grow my businesses. This blog is my journey and my gift of lessons I have learned for you to learn from.