Set To Eat All The Pumpkin Pie My Stomach Can Handle


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Pumpkin Pie Is By Far My Favorite

It's that time of year again, when most men are talking about football or hunting.
Me though, I am not into watching football, I would rather play. I am not into hunting, it makes no sense to me why I must pay attention to the gender of the deer….I mean really!!! I am not going to wait in a tree stand all day long out in the cold and wet(possibly wet), just to see a deer that I can't shoot and put on my plate because it's the wrong sex!!!!

That my friends is why I am a computer geek and love to play guitar, with both I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor plus release that urge to be dominate.
There are some, mostly women( I would think) that are at this moment complaining about all the calories that they are going to regret and have to go nuts at the gym.
Those are the ones that are not going to like me too much this week…..LOL!! I am only 50 and I can still eat all those sweets without having to worry about putting on the un-wanted pounds….LOL!!
My family will tell you I love my pumpkin pie!!
I cut my 1st one up last night! I prefer pumpkin pie over even turkey!!
I love pumpkin pie so much that my family always makes sure that I have my very own, all mine, all to myself and no one else…..mine!!!!
Don't get me wrong I am gonna have some turkey, deviled eggs, mashed tators and rolls etc…


What's your favorite food at Thanksgiving? Let me know in the comments…..Peace and Love to you and Yours!! Have an Awesome Monday!!!

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