Introducing Trezor Suite Public Beta

Trezor Suite, brought to you by SatoshiLabs

An all-new desktop app for Trezor hardware wallets, Trezor Suite, is now in public beta and available to download and test. More than a wallet interface, Trezor Suite is a growing ecosystem of tools that make it easier to use your device to its full potential. Visit the dedicated Trezor Suite page to download and install it on your computer.

Trezor Suite should bring many improvements to make using your wallet an even safer, boundless experience. New users will be more comfortable, with advanced features made more user-friendly so everyone can take control of their coins.

Participating in the Suite public beta will help make Trezor more capable and more responsive, so please leave as much feedback as possible. Below, you will find answers to some initial questions you may have about Suite.

SatoshiLabs will be hosting an AMA about Suite on the Trezor subreddit, on Monday 19th October from 17:00–19:00 CEST. Try Suite today and prepare your questions for our founders Slush and Stick, and Head of Product, Matej Zak.

What is Trezor Suite?

Trezor Suite is a new workspace where you can manage your hardware wallet and portfolio at once, with greater privacy and completely secured by your Trezor device. Available as both a desktop standalone program and a browser app, Trezor Suite brings big improvements across our three key pillars of usability, security and privacy.

The old browser-based version, Trezor Wallet, will continue to work while the public beta is underway and will eventually redirect users to the Trezor Suite web wallet, including all the new features present in the desktop application.

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Why a desktop wallet?

Taking the wallet interface out of a browser eliminates the risk of phishing sites tricking users into providing their seed or other information. A desktop app provides more robust protection and reduces the number of mistakes or exploits that could result in someone losing their keys or coins.

With Suite, the Trezor experience is becoming more unified across devices, starting with this desktop version, which is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, giving you more flexibility in how you use Bitcoin. With native support for popular altcoins, you can now control everything in one place.

There is also a Web version of Suite which works not only with Windows, macOS, and Linux (through Chrome and Firefox) but also with Android and Chrome (through Chrome).

What’s new in Trezor Suite?

A lot has been redesigned to improve user experience and performance, so smart UI improvements and new tools will make it easier and safer to use your wallet. This first public version includes many functions similar to Trezor Wallet, but more exciting features will be introduced in the near future. The principled approach to Trezor Suite’s design makes it possible to integrate more sophisticated features without having to compromise in any key areas.


Those setting up a new device in Suite will find familiar Trezor features such as passphrase and Shamir backup explained through a more intuitive onboarding. With Trezor Suite, every user should be helped to understand how and why to use all the tools available; security features must be as easy to use as possible so everyone can benefit from greater safety and convenience.

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There will be many improvements to make during the beta, so coming updates will provide bug fixes, tweaks, and maybe even unveil some special integrations.

Do I need to upgrade to Suite?

No, this version of Trezor Suite is still in beta and bugs are to be expected. Once initial issues have been resolved and a stable version is released, Trezor Wallet will redirect to Trezor Suite and you will be able to download the latest version of the app from there. Until then, it is still safe to use Trezor Suite and play with its features as much as you like, but occasional errors or glitches should be expected along the way.

Why have we created Trezor Suite?

People have the right to privacy and security online but few know how to achieve it. Trezor already helps your digital identity become more disposable, while keeping your assets safe and hidden. Using Trezor Suite should help everyone take full advantage of Bitcoin more easily and open the door to a more privacy-aware, crypto-competent and self-sovereign society.

What comes next?

Take your time to get familiar with Trezor Suite and help test it over the coming months. Send any feedback directly to us using this feedback form. The public beta is expected to run until January 2021, when a new version of the desktop wallet will be available for download, and Trezor Wallet will be deprecated.

With Trezor Suite, more efficiency will be seen across the Trezor ecosystem, making it even easier to introduce and improve features built by us, our partners, and the broader community. Overall security is constantly being improved, while our methods remain transparent and auditable. This desktop version of Trezor Suite will be complemented by a mobile app which is currently in development and expected next year.

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