E-Mail List Building With Traffic Wave Auto-Responder, Use These SafeList And Viral Mailers To Help


Traffic Wave Auto-Responder

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Traffic Wave Auto-Responder has been around for years. I started using them this year after PayPal stopped processing payments for the owners of RocketResponder. I am a big fan of TimTech but unfortunately When I needed to be able to pay for theirs I could not. That left me only one affordable option that was from a source that I knew people whom used it “Traffic Wave”.


Traffic Wave is really very easy to use. They offer plenty of support with getting started for you to begin building your E-mail list. If you want you can also find plenty of help with building a business promoting Traffic Wave!


Traffic Wave has very active owners and team members. You can join their FaceBook Group and get help from that community rather quickly. They also have a blog that they use to teach you everything under the sun about their service and how to run an E-mail Marketing business from any where you can access the internet from!


Use These Safe List and Viral Mailers To Help You Build Your E-mail List Today!!!

My Robot Viral Mailer

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My Robot Viral Mailer is new which offers 2 opportunities:

  1. Joining is free and You can be one of the 1st members to promote it for a chance to earn affiliate commissions!
  2. Because it’s new lots of people will be very active for sure at 1st, plus the owner is offering a very cheap upgrade package! I recommend it for sure, you can earn up to 75% commissions while you build your e-mail list!

The Evolution Mailer

The Evolution Mailer allows me to mail 4000+ potential subscribers every day!! My click thrus are 25-30 for every e-mail sent. I highly recommend you try this highly responsive safe-list mailer today!!

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#1 Profit Ring

The #1 Profit Ring is awsome!! E-mail list building requires that you get your capture pages in front of as many people as you can! With The #1 Profit Ring I am able to mail 9500+ potential subscribers every 5 days!!
Plus Maryanne Myers, whom has been in business for 20yrs marketing online, has a “webring” script that allows you to place the code on your site so that you can earn from advertisers whom purchase the space for their offers. When that space is not being paid for you can run your own ads. It’s all automated and free to start!!

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The Last Mailer

Dave Mosher bought this out from the previous owner, If I remember right 2yrs ago. At first I was not a happy member. Today I have gotten familiar with The way The Last Mailer Works, so I use it to help me build my E-mail List daily and am very pleased with the results. The last mailer offers some of the cheapest Solo ads packs I have seen and They are effective. You can send a e-mail once eveyday if your upgraded like I am to 2000+ potential subscribers!! It’s free to join, but I highly recommend that you take an upgrade if you can afford to!

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The Daily Credit Mailer

The Daily Credit Mailer allows you to send out an e-mail every 4-6 hours but no more than 10,000 in 24 hrs. It’s the 1st mailer I used to start building my e-mail list. It’s also the 1st mailer that I upgraded to for life! It was 20 bucks when I did it back in 2012, I am not sure now, but I recommend it. This safelist/viral mailer is very active, I always get at least 20 – 30 click thrus

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4 Aces Mailer

4 Aces mailer has been around for about 5-6 yrs I think? Earlier this yr I took the lifetime upgrade for 20 bucks. I am able to send out a mailing every 12 hrs to 1500+ potential subscribers!!

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ProActive Mailer

ProActive Mailer Allows You to E-mail once a day, I am able to send out 1500 for free!! Its a very active mailer, I recommend giving it a try for building your E-mail List, they have a great One Time Offer running too!

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Pangea Mailer

Pangea Mailer allows you to mail every day for free to 10,000 potential subscribers! This mailer also allows a marketing method known as “Piggyback Advertising”, This is another great site from Maryanne Myers with 118,000+ members eager to subcribe to your e-mail list today!!

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Mailerito Mailer

Mailerito Mailer allows you to mail every 72hrs for free to 1000 potential subscribers! They have PTC as well!!I get 35-40 click thrus per 1000 mails sent here!! I highly recommend this mailer!!

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Big Mailer

Big Mailer is New But don’t be fooled, this is a very active membeship, just waiting to join your e-mail list!! The OTO are insane get yours today!!

Big Mailer Banner