The Mission:Create A Crypto Based Economy


The Mission:Create A Crypto Based Economy

At the beginning of the of this year, a group of crypto investors decided that it was time to build a city that would be using crypto currency as its only form of payments for products and services.

One of the biggest investors is former child star Brock Pierce. Pierce and a group of investors had been looking for a location for over a year. Then unfortunately, hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. That tragedy created the opportunity they were looking for….Brock Pierce has been there since Dec. 2017. He had been visiting there checking things out since around 2013, with the idea of building a town that all financial transactions are done via crypto currency.

Puertopia A Crypto Based Economy

It seems that the idea of a Crypto based economy may actually happen. Several crypto pioneers have moved their operations there, or are in the process of doing so.

They decided to name this town/city “Puertopia”. Before their idea of a Crypto based economy can actually happen, Puerto Rico needs help recovering. This actually is going to be a real chance for crypto currency to become a mainstream currency.

The post I am sharing below is about the coming together of a group of crypto investors that some say are dodging taxes is all they are doing. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

Making a Crypto Utopia in Puerto Rico

Dozens of entrepreneurs, made newly wealthy by virtual currencies, have moved to the island to avoid taxes on their fortunes — and to build a society that runs on blockchain.

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Hey P.S. :

I did a little more research and found this this video on YouTube By CNBC that was done in June. It’s 40 minutes + ,  So I gave You a link to get a bit of an update to the progress being made : PUERTOPIA: Crypto movement to Puerto Rico

Check It Out, I think you will see that it may actually be helpful to Puerto Rico’s overall recovery to create a Crypto based economy. Such a system takes control out of government hands and puts it in the peoples hands. With the tax laws we have, the way Puerto Rico’s Government decides the countries financial decisions……I think this may Really happen. At the very least the Crypto community is coming together to help for sure.


Uses for Cryptocurrency That Are Very Exciting For The Future


Cryptocurrency Has A Bright Future

Cryptocurrency is still a very young and developing form of commerce. In 2012 when I collected my very 1st satoshi from a free bitcoin faucet, there were not really any places that you could use crypto to make purchases.

Fast forward to 2018 and things are changing. You can easily buy and sell cryptocurrency, you can pay your bill for Dish Network and many other companies. The list is getting bigger all the time.

The Adoption Of The Blockchain Is Not For Just Financial Reason’s

There are companies that are using the blockchain technology to help them eliminate some of the fees and BS involved with using fiat currencies, this essentially means that they are creating their own crypto tokens.

One of the most exciting uses of the blockchain for me is in the area’s of blogging, gaming.

  1. Blogging is a tool I use to help me brand myself, and earn from my marketing efforts. With the Steem blockchain I am able to further monetize my efforts by using a plug-in for my WordPress site that publishes my post to the Steem blockchain. If I am active enough,which I have not been at all lately, and my post are interesting enough…then I am able to earn steem from the upvotes that the post generates!
  2. Gaming is starting to find a very cool way for developers and gamers to both earn and communicate with each other, cutting out the big corporations. The steem blockchain has launched SteemGG which allows developers and gamers to be paid for doing what they do!!
  3. I have seen a resurgence of CryptoKitties(digital collectible felines) lately that is run on the ethereum blockchain. To me this only signifies that there is a very welcoming community of gamers and enthusiast ready to use games and digital collectibles that are blockchain based.

The ability of bloggers and gamers to earn much easier doing what they love to do is truly exciting to me. Although I have been less active lately with this blog and my other social networks, I still collect my free crypto every day from the faucets in the tab up above. I believe that crypto is here to stay and that uses for the blockchain have yet to be discovered.

Below is a post that I came across that was publish in Dec. 2017, some of the uses he talks about are really cool, but what is more exciting is that some of those things are happening now!!! Enjoy!!

10 Incredible Uses for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain You Probably Haven’t Thought of

Cryptocurrency to battle election fraud? De-corrupt charities? Make the world greener? Who knew?

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