Funding ChillyBot With Coinbase


Funding ChillyBot With CoinBase Is Easy

So a couple of days ago I told you I was working on getting back into my Coinbase account. I am back in it now.

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So I decided to find out if I was going to be able to fund my ChillyBot Mining account without a bunch of headaches, with my Coinbase Funds.

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I was able to move my bitcoin from Coinbase without any trouble at all. Check out the video below:

Coinbase Will Allow You To Move Your Crypto Currency To Your Bank

Coinbase not only works very well online but, you can convert your crypto currency to the US Dollar and have it then deposited into your brick and mortar bank.

I signed up almost 4 yrs ago, so I am not real sure how much has changed, as far as signing up goes. They have implemented 2 factor authentication, so when you sign-up have your smartphone handy the whole time.

Much like PayPal, you have to go thru a verification process to confirm your identity and link your bank account to it.

You can also download an app for Coinbase for your android phone, I can only assume that you can for IOS to. I am not an Apple fan (I know boooooooo right, LOL).

Once you sigh-up your set and It’s tied to your bank, it’s secure.

Most importantly it’s a needed tool if you are going to earn from the Traffic Exchange industry or anything related to affiliate marketing. PayPal is slowly but surely getting rid of any and all business that’s related to or even resembles PTC, Traffic Exchanges and I have even seen a few Viral Mailers go out of business because PayPal shut down their accounts, business and personal.

I hope this helps anyone whom is wondering how you can move crypto currency around to where you need it.

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Getting Paid With Crypto Currency Is Getting Easier


Getting Paid With Crypto Currency Is Getting Easier

Getting paid with Crypto Currency was not so easy back in 2009, when bitcoin software 1st was released to the public. It took a full year before the 1st known Crypto Currency transaction took place.

The transaction took place in 2010 for 2 pizzas( 10,000 BTC was exchanged for them!!). Today those 2 pizza’s would have earned the person whom bought them for payment in Crypto more than $100 million!!! That transaction took place via the internet. It had to because there was no where that accepted Crypto Currency.

TImes Are Changing For Marketers

Fast forward to 2018, the world of currency and the world I am doing business in, is being rocked by the existence of Crypto Currency!!!Coin Payments Crypto Currency Payment Processor

PayPal is shutting down internet based businesses that are involved in everything from traffic exchanges to any one with an affiliate program without warning. Some are saying that lately any businesses accepting crypto currencies as a form of payment are likely to be shut down without notice or explanation. I fully intend to accept crypto currency, so I am pretty sure I best not rely on paypal any more for business.

Payza recently got themselves in trouble with the United States for not having the proper permits and licenses that they needed to process or convert crypto currency. That’s shut a lot of marketing businesses down, If not down it will be just a matter of time. Unless they adopt the new age, the new way of accepting and sending payments for the products and services we all sell and buy in this Affiliate Marketing space!

Click Track Profit Got Nailed By PayPal

Click Track Profit finally joins the rank of Traffic Exchange related businesses to get screwed by PayPal. I have been a member of CTP since 2011ish. They have always paid me when they were supposed to. When they announced that this had happened to them it further enforced my decision to hold off on launching my sites until I am completely set-up for Crypto payments! Period!!

I do not know about any one else but, for CTP to be cut off and Easy Hits4U as well….that makes me as a marketer and a site owner not want to trust payment processors like PayPal any more!

Coin Payments For ME

I am confirmed for Solid Trust Pay, Payoneer and Now Coin Payments. I am soon to be back into Coinbase. Hopefully I will know  soon. Long story about my situation with my Coinbase account….another post when I know the outcome and can be more helpful to you.

Coin Payments was really easy to sign-up for. It took me like 5 minutes and I was set up to receive and send multiple Crypto Currencies.Coin Payments Crypto Currency Payment ProcessorBelow are all the benefits I found:

  1. Coin Payments offers you a referral program that’s pays 25% of their transaction fees to you for 5 years.
  2. Fees are .50% for the most part. If you use a Crypto address from them, then you won’t have any fees for personal deposits if you stay under 30k USD a month.
  3. You can still accept payments from customers whom only are able to make a purchase using paypal with a program they have  called PayPal Passthru Service.
  4. You are able to set-up and send out mass payments.
  5. They have links to stores that you can pay with crypto currencies.
  6. They have api’s and ipn’s.
  7. They have the ability for advanced users to generate the code necessary to create a shopping cart system for your site for FREE!

Check them out if you have not already, every thing Paypal and Payza offered as far as services that you need to pay your affiliates and sell your products and services is there.  For me it’s another payment processor that I am confident I will be able to use and trust when I am ready to open for business later this year. CoinPayments is a lot like Paypal but so much more like Coinbase, that is the way I remember Coinbase(it’s been almost 4 yrs since I was logged into that account, now I am waiting on their review process to get back in).

Crypto Currency is not going any where. I am convinced that it is the way my grand children and theirs will pay for products and services.

As for the Traffic Exchange Industry and the affiliate marketing industry Jon Olson was right when He said it’s time for this industry to evolve and accept the fact that crypto wants to allow us to earn and pay affiliates, the old dogs like PayPal are afraid of the writing on the wall. They want to stop the acceptance of crypto currencies. The internet marketing community made the mistake of half ass accepting the crypto wave these last 8 years… that lack of acceptance may very well mean that the kind of sites I am working on will be more valuable when I launch later this year because I will be set-up to accept crypto payments as well as pay my affiliates with out worry.

Those that are sticking in there hoping that Paypal won’t cut them off….I will be glad to take your customer base. Harsh….What PayPal has been doing for the last 3 yrs is a lot more harsh I think.

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