Mining Crypto For The Curious

Mining Crypto Is Your  Curiosity Up?

Mining for crypto can be profitable. That’s why so many people do it. This post though is not going to go into the details of building a mining rig.

I was working the other day on my studies for school, when my phone went off because a group I belong to on Telegram was having a conversation about mining.  Specifically browser mining.

A question was asked about whether mining with your browser was safe? This question was being asked because all the browser miners state that you may need to turn off your anti-virus or make an exception in your fire wall settings in order for mining for crypto to work.

Browser Mining For Crypto Can Be Safe

Browser mining can be done safely if you know which sites you can mine at without having to turn off your anti-virus or make a firewall exception (as long as you are running Norton or AVG).

I run Norton and AVG on my computers.

I have found some sites that you are able to mine crypto safely without the need to do anything except for turn on the miner and leave a window open with it running in it.

Well you might have to adjust the hash rate (I made a short video showing you), so that your able to continue working on your e-mails or Traffic Exchanges or hopefully your free Faucets for crypto! Check it out:

Here are the Links to Those Sites:

  1. LTC Miner Pays out to Faucethub
  2. Free Dash Faucet
  3. Dogecoins 4 Free
  4. ETH Combo Ethereum Free Slots

My best advice is if you have to turn off your anti-virus in order to mine for crypto, DO NOT DO IT! Same goes for having to make any fire wall exceptions.

You can start mining crypto for free with your browser safely at the above sites. Keep in mind it does put a lot of strain on your system when your mining crypto.

I find that mining Litecoin is the easiest on your system then Dash.


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Internet Marketing Fast Start

What Are Crypto Currency Air Drops?

Crypto Currency Air Drops: A New Marketing Strategy

What are Crypto Currency air drops? From all the research I have done over the past couple of days, Crypto Currency air drops are done to attract users to sign-up for a new project that is launching. These companies run an air drop campaign and give it’s new members a percentage of their holdings for free!

This marketing strategy is a very common practice among new ICO launches. But in the last year a few companies that are launching new Blockchains, have been employing this marketing strategy. The difference between a Blockchain launch and an ICO launch, is that ICO’s usaully require an investment to get involved. Blockhain launches like 99 and WorldEX are giving away crypto in the form of free tokens. All you have to do is Follow them on twitter and Telegram,share. That’s it, you get a chance for some free crypto.

The Catch Is You Must Have

As with all things, free is not always free. Below is a list of things that you need to make sure of in order to get involved and have a chance to grab some free crypto:

  • You usually need to make sure that you have the right crypto wallet. Do some research and make sure that your wallet is compatible with their program, so that you can receive payment should you get lucky and win anything from the airdrop.
  • You may be required to be already holding a certain amount of that particular crypto currency in order to receive your winnings from the airdrop.
  • You may have to follow them on Twitter, Like them on Facebook and or share their links with your friends and followers.
  • You want to make sure that you are following their guide lines and keeping up dated on their campaigns progress.


The Con’s and The Scam’s

When thinking about getting involved you need to keep some things in mind:

  • If your required to interact with them via social media, then you are actually revealing yourself to the world potentially. Some of your anonymity is then sacrificed.
  • Keep in mind that you should never have to provide your private key nor should you have send a small payment in order to get your winnings from the air drop.
  • Hackers do set-up social accounts that mimic legitimate air drop campaign’s, so research…research… research!

I don’t know if this helps, but it’s what I was able to find concerning Crypto Currency Air Drops. I was curious since I have been seeing ads for and WorldEx lately, So researched it and now I understand a little more.

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Internet Marketing Fast Start