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Completing Your Traffic Wave Capture Page Using PLR


Setting Up The Campaign For Your Capture Page Part 2

Thank you for coming back to learn how to set up your Traffic Wave campaign with a Private Label Rights product. Yesterday I showed You how to set up your initial campaign inside of Traffic Wave and generate a capture page form. I then showed you how and where to insert the code once your generated it.

Tools You Will Need For Completing Your Capture Page

Today we will finish setting up the product that we are going to give away to our new subscribers to our list. To do that there are some tools you will need to download to your computer if you do not already have them. They are:

  • File Zilla this is used to connect to the servers of the hosting company your are using for your web site.
  • Pea zip or an equivalent file compression software.

In the video above I Below you how to create a sub-domain, zip and up-load  site files for the squeeze and download page. I ended it with having you copy the url to your clip board from file zilla.

The video below I go over the loose ends so to speak.

  • I show you how to find a url so that you can manually put it in if your need to.
  • I show why it is important that you keep your files together in one folder so that you don’t run into complications when you upload them.
  • I show you how easy it is to set up your download page using Microsoft Expressions 4 so you can create your pages with ease and by keeping everything in one folder, you will be able to completely redesign your pages very easily.
  • Lastly I show how to make sure that your auto-responder is set up so that after they confirm their subscription they are sent an e-mail with their download link. I then showed you it worked.

I am sorry that this post took so long to get out….but I think it will help you.

I want to thank you for stopping by Bi-Polar Marketing. I have put together a special gift for you. It includes this free report I used in this series….Plus I put together a package of Unrestricted Private Label Rights products to help you build your list.

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Using Private Label Rights and Traffic Wave To Build Your Business


Using Private Label Rights To Build Your E-mail List

Today I am going to start a series that will show you how to set up a Private Label Rights product for a give away you can use to build your list.

Although I am going to show how to do it using Traffic Wave Auto-responder and Microsoft Expressions 4, you can still take the code tips I give you here to do it with any auto-responder and just note pad if you choose. I am just trying to make it very simple, while providing you with some useful tips I have learned the hard way.

Setting Up The Campaign For Your Capture Page Part 1

You will need the following items:

  1. You will need some PLR that has a Landing page (usually the landing page is labled index.html) and you will need it to also have thank you page( usually labeled thankyou or download.html ).
  2. You will need to be subscribed to an auto-responder service. I recommend Traffic Wave Auto-responder and that is the one I will use to show you how to create a capture page. Don’t worry though, your auto-responder may have some of the items we will discuss, in other locations under other names. Just refer to their help section most likely labeled “Getting Started”. The coding that I am going to show you is the same regardless of the auto-responder you choose to use.
  3. You will need at least note pad or an equivalent text editor. I will be using WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor Microsoft expressions 4.
  4. Lastly you will need you own hosting. If you do not have your own then, you will have to use a program such as Adkreator to create your own graphics and capture page there. Adkreator is easy to use and your capture pages are hosted there. Your files that you want to use to give away you can then set-up on Google’s cloud. That’s another post fro another day.

Here’s the Video Below For Part 1:

Next we are going to put the code in place on our capture page For Our Private Label Rights give away

The important thing here is to place the code in the right place. As you will see in the video below I explain that most of the time you will be placing the code into a table or div container. It’s not really that hard once you understand what to look for.

Here is the last video for this lesson:

Until The next Post Have A Great Day!! Peace and Love To Yas!!