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Shooting Green Screen In The Gheto



Shooting Green Screen On A Tight Budget

Today I wanted to share with you a new passion of mine, Shooting Green Screen video’s for your marketing promotions. The Avatar(ME) that came up when you visited this post is an example of the quality my gheto green screen set-up I am discussing today.

As a marketer I have learned that it is important to standout like a sore thumb. Shooting video using green screen technique’s is a really great way to accomplish this.

I have invested around 250 dollars over the last 2 months for software and equipment. I still need a little more equipment and I will need to pay the makers of Video Pal and Video Builder $140 more so that I can remove their logo and charge others for my services.

Video Pal Makes Green Screen Shooting Easier

I paid $35 dollars for Video Pal and I pay $29 each month for their deluxe upgrade. The deluxe upgrade gives your more pre-made avatars to use in your ads and such. It’s not really needed but I prefer to have them if I want them for my future projects.

If your not really tech savvy then Video Pal makes creating awesome avatars way easy. You just have to get your lighting right if you are going to use your own video’s.

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You really do not have to use a green screen to shoot video’s which you are intending to remove the “background” from. You just need to make sure that the background is well lit and that you are well lit and contrasting to the chosen background.

Before we go any farther please check out this video:

Tips I have Found For Green Screen Shooting

Lighting is a huge part of getting good results when your shooting a video using green screen techniques. It takes at least 9ft by 8 ft to get a half way decent video because you have to situate yourself between the lighting sources while keeping even lighting on the screen and yourself.

Set your camera up with a tungsten light setting if you can, this helps you get an evenly lit video capture.

You can tell by looking at the screen on your camera whether or not your screen is evenly lit up. You will see dark spots if your lighting is not even.

Ideally you want to place yourself or the object in a position that is well lit but is not casting any shadows between your lights you are using to light up your green screen and your light your using to light up yourself or the object you are shooting.

Doing this requires space. Once you get all your lighting set up you will be able to produce awesome avatars for your sites and your promotions.

Cost is Under $150 bucks to get started

I have spent $150 bucks to get VideoPal and my Green Screen Set up. I am going to be investing at least $200 more for equipment and the rights to use my company logo when I create and sell avatars for my future clients.

I know a lot of folks get into marketing on-line to earn extra income and to start a home based business. I myself am on disability and want to get off of it. Building my Traffic Wave business and my downlines in many other programs is how I will make that happen.

You must invest in yourself and your business if you want to build a business on-line….period!!!

Buying Video Pal has not only helped me stick out but it has also opened the door for me to very easily create another income stream for my marketing business!!

Any ways I hope you enjoy this un professional post. Please come back later this week and I will share with you how to set-up for shooting using a black and white background, as well as I will show you how Video Pal works with those backgrounds.

Peace and Love To yas!!

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Completing Your Traffic Wave Capture Page Using PLR


Setting Up The Campaign For Your Capture Page Part 2

Thank you for coming back to learn how to set up your Traffic Wave campaign with a Private Label Rights product. Yesterday I showed You how to set up your initial campaign inside of Traffic Wave and generate a capture page form. I then showed you how and where to insert the code once your generated it.

Tools You Will Need For Completing Your Capture Page

Today we will finish setting up the product that we are going to give away to our new subscribers to our list. To do that there are some tools you will need to download to your computer if you do not already have them. They are:

  • File Zilla this is used to connect to the servers of the hosting company your are using for your web site.
  • Pea zip or an equivalent file compression software.

In the video above I Below you how to create a sub-domain, zip and up-load  site files for the squeeze and download page. I ended it with having you copy the url to your clip board from file zilla.

The video below I go over the loose ends so to speak.

  • I show you how to find a url so that you can manually put it in if your need to.
  • I show why it is important that you keep your files together in one folder so that you don’t run into complications when you upload them.
  • I show you how easy it is to set up your download page using Microsoft Expressions 4 so you can create your pages with ease and by keeping everything in one folder, you will be able to completely redesign your pages very easily.
  • Lastly I show how to make sure that your auto-responder is set up so that after they confirm their subscription they are sent an e-mail with their download link. I then showed you it worked.

I am sorry that this post took so long to get out….but I think it will help you.

I want to thank you for stopping by Bi-Polar Marketing. I have put together a special gift for you. It includes this free report I used in this series….Plus I put together a package of Unrestricted Private Label Rights products to help you build your list.

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