CEO of Bi-Polar Marketing

I am Patrick Simpson

High I am Patrick Simpson the CEO and owner of Bi-Polar Marketing. I have been involved with marketing online on and off for about 12 years. I recently decided to get involved again because I was wanting familiarize myself with the current climate in the Traffic Exchanges and the Crypto Sites.

I have a physical product That I am going to be launching later this year (2018) and I want to be able to accept Bitcoin payments, but I want to understand how the market is fluctuating.  I also have a couple of other projects going on that Later this year will be going live with as well, they are Membership sites that will help us all market and learn with in the internet marketing world.

I am also currently completing my degree in programming. I use to drive semi for years and I worked construction for many years as well. I am kinda a jack of all trades and master of none. That is why I am going to school for programming…I seem to have a knack for writing code so I figured I would learn the right way.

This site was up Last year but I walked away for a while, as I have been known to do. When I started back up though this year, I found that my site had been hacked. So I just wiped out the server and started over again. But this time I plan on being involved for as long as I am able to see and sit at a computer.

Over the next couple of years I will be aggressively pursuing everything crypto related promising opportunities that come along.

So please join me!! If you need my help just ask I will be glad to assist you if I can.

I am finally ready to grow online come join me and let’s grow our crypto portfolio’s together.