My Favorite Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges I use Daily

Traffic Exchanges are great for meeting people that you may share the same interest, all while promoting your site, business or affiliate links. I use them mostly to get needed traffic to my sites, and to build my e-mail list. I also look for sites that are crypto friendly….cause if they are not I do not need them for my products or sites. So below is a list of sites I belong to and use regularly, and yes I highly recommend them or they would not be here!

1- Easyhits 4 U

This site has over 1.6 million members that are ready to see your offers. They have been around for almost 20 years!! They offer 2:1 and 1:1 surf ratio. After every 1000 pages surfed, you get a bonus, plus you get bonuses every 50 pages surfed. It’s a great site to meet other marketers and network with them to build your downlines and business.

The Best Traffic Exchange

2-Members Rule

Members Rule has over 200,000 members that are ready to see your offers. They have been around for almost 20 years.

Members Rule Traffic Exchange

3- Hungry For Hits

Hungry for Hits is a fun traffic exchange with a great owner whom is active everyday, Klara can almost always be reached simply by using the sites chat function, which also allows you to network with other marketers. You can blog and create a splash page as well as use a site rotator which will allow you to track your results. There are many more features available too!!

Hungry For Hits banner

4- Sealife Hits

Sealife Hits is a great traffic exchange to use for networking and showing your offers to other like minded marketers. Sig is a very great and active owner. This site has been around almost a decade.

Sealife Hits Banner

5- CrusinXchange

CrusinXchange is a fun site full of games and much needed traffic to your offers. You can network with others via onsite chat feature and there are plenty of tools to help you build your brand and presence online!

CrusinXchange Banner

6- Crypto Traffic 4U

I just recently found this site, it’s a very crypto friendly advertising source and offers you the chance to build your brand and downlines as well as the chance to create a new income stream all while you build your online business.

Crypto Traffic 4U Banner

7- Sotuk

Sotuk offers daily rewards just for surfing sites each and every day!! The more active you are the more you gain from using this TE!!

Sotuk Banner

8- Hits and List Cafe

Hits and List cafe is a very busy site, it is crypto friendly(meaning you can run ads for most crypto ops), she still uses primarily PayPal but Susan is a very smart and active owner. She offers all kinds of great advertising deals everyday!!

Hits and List Cafe Banner

9- Money Makers Exchange

Money Makers Exchange is a very active site, you can get your ads seen daily without any issues except the issue of having enough advertising credits to run your offers everyday!! I have surfed 1000 pages many times and still need to surf daily in order to keep my offers being seen, ads move fast here!

Money Makers Exchange Banner

10- Route 66 Traffic Exchange

I came across this ite back in 2013-ish, it was one of the truly very 1st sites that was crypto friendly. If you are into promoting crypto offers than this is a must advertising source when using Traffic exchanges!

Route 66 Traffic Exchange banner

11- Rewards 4 Surfing

Rewards 4 surfing is a very active TE. They offer team surfing and lots of prizes simply for being an active member.

Rewards For Surfing Banner

12- Bitcoin Blizzard

I found this site a couple of years ago….the name says it all!! very crypto friendly!!

 Bitcoin Blizzard Banner

13- Traffic Dodgems

Traffic dodgems is a very fun site and I use it because it has always been a part of the Click Track Profit Community.

Traffic Dodgems Banner

14- Cup Of Coffee Traffic

Cup Of Coffee Traffic offers lots of fun and networking possibilities while you promote your offers, as well as this site is also part of the Click Track Profit community.

 Cup Of Coffee Traffic Banner

15-Pistol Packing Mama

Pistol Packing Mama is a fun way to advertise your crypto offers and grow your crypto downline while you also grow your business.

Pistol Packing Mama banner

16-Millionaire Surf

This a very active manual surf exchange and is part of an awesome marketing community.

Millionare Surf Banner

17-Traffic At The Races

This site is very active and fun, they have plenty of prizes and cheap upgrades to help you get much needed traffic.

Traffic At The Races banner

18-Cherry Traffic
This site is owned by Maryanne Myers, very different but fun and effective.
Cherry Traffic Gets results