Ethereum Has a Promising Future

Ethereum Has A Promising Future, But That Future May Not Be What We Think

I have been working on building up my Ethereum wallet all summer, and going to school and working on my home. Even though my summer has been busier then I had planned, I have been watching several crypto currencies, ETH is one of them.

A while back I published a post about a token that was being used by J.P. Morgan called Quorum .

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Quorum is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is mostly a privatized blockchain built for businesses, allowing them to conduct their transactions in a secure and transparent manner. J.P. Morgan was able to successfully complete a transaction earlier this year that involved connecting the private token(Quorum) to the public Ethereum Blockchain to complete a financial transaction!!

Several media organizations have also adapted/created tokens based off of the ETH Blockchain. They have done so because they are tired of the powers that be, which is not we the people but rather they the rich, influencing what they report and how they report it. By developing a token and running their media on the blockchain they are taking the power from the few and giving it to the world to control.

Ethereum’s Future Looks Like A Transformation To Me

To my knowledge, and I am very new and by no means an expert, this crypto currency is the 1st one to have it’s blockchain adapted to uses that are not necessarily for financial gains.

Instead what we are seeing is a blockchain being adapted to improve our security and exchange of information while allowing the people to control what happens.

Have you seen or heard of Crypto Kitties? These little digital collectibles are being bought and sold on Ethereum’s blockchain, so we have this blockchain being used for buying and selling digital art!!

I could go on and on…..But I won’t. Instead check out the post below, I came across it and I think that you can learn a lot from reading it. Enjoy and let me know what ya think!

P.S. I know over the summer I have been down to 2 post a weekish…but that is about to change! I am getting back to some of the type of post I am good at…Product comparisions and tutorials. I will still be posting lot’s about crypto but I will also be posting about ways to market online and build your crypto downlines and other downlines more. So please check back later this week and let me teach you and open your eyes about the hype….laterz and peace!!

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There Is A Trend Involving Bitcoin Cash, Have You Noticed?

Bitcoin Cash Is Experiencing A Favorable Trend This Year

Back in March when I decided it was time for me to start messing around with internet marketing and crypto again Bitcoin Cash and all crypto currencies were doing well, not 2017 well but well.

Now here we are it’s October of 2018 and most crypto currencies have seen a bumpy ride this summer, including Bitcoin Cash. Though the crypto markets are still unable to maintain the highs the experts have predicted all summer, BCH finds itself fortunate.

How’s that you may wonder? Let me break it down for you as this has been an interesting year for BCH. The Break Down :

  1. Over the past several years, one of the biggest and oldest online payment processors-PayPal, has been freezing the accounts of some major sites and players in a part of the net where affiliate marketers and the entrepreneur come together to create home based incomes and opportunities. PayPal did it once again this summer to one of the most influential companies and group of sites in this particular part of the net. 17 yrs of being a trusted and reliable merchant meant nothing and as far as I know they have not yet been given a reason,as have not others.
  2. The founder of Litecoin,Charlie Lee stated in a documentary in August that he sold off his LTC for BCH and he does not plan to hold LTC ever again!!! He believes that BCH is where he should be!!

What’s This Mean For BCH?

For BCH this all means that Traffic Exchange Owners that want to stay in business are now accepting BCH payments, The same goes for Safe-List and Viral Mailers and Even a very nice Auto-Responder service. With the announcement from Charlie Lee and even some big players from Bitcoin, stating that they believe the future is bright for BCH…..I can’t help but agree with them!!

Why? Because I market in the part of the net that has been faced with adapting to crypto payments or face being put out of business by PayPal. They are choosing Bitcoin Cash has the crypto of choice, at least that’s what I have noticed with the sites I use and am a member of. Below is a post that I think you will find reinforces my thinking that BCH’s future is bright….Enjoy:

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