Safelist And Mailers for any Business

 Safelist And Mailers

These are Safelist and Mailers that I use to promote my free crypto faucets and other business offers I may have. These Safelist and Mailers can be used to effectively promote your business, build your e-mail list for marketing your business and offers all while offering you a chance to earn from promoting them to your clients and customers.

You can literally reach over a 100,000 new leads weekly just from using these Safelist and Mailers!!

1-Last Mailer

The Last Mailer offers solo emails as well as regular e-mails to double opt in members.

The Last Mailer banner

2- 4 Aces Mailer

You can send out solos and regular emails to a large network of other Safelist and Mailers. Grab the lifetime upgrade and get maximum results from this old Mailer!!

4 Aces Mailer banner


Bweeble has been around for a long time, you can reach many prospects and earn from Bweeble very easily while you grow your business and leads!!

Bweeble banner

4-Viral Mailz

You can reach 1,000’s while you build your email list and create a passive stream of income from this trusted Mailer!!

The Viral Mailz banner

5-The Lead Magnet

The Lead magnet has been around for years….It is simply an awesome Safelist and Mailer!! Enjoy chatting and networking with other business owners and Marketers while you build your business leads!!!

The Lead Magnet banner

6-Commando Mailer

This is a great Mailer from Marci Jones-Fritz. She is the owner of Jones-Fritz Marketing, she owns several traffic generating sites. This is one of her newest ones with over 2000 members and growing!!

Commando Mailer banner

7-Elite Safelist Mailer

This Safelist Mailer is a great site owned by Dave Mosher…it is 1 of many sites he owns. You can send out solo ads and regular emails to a list of double opt-in members. I recommend that you take one of the upgraded options and enjoy all the bonus advertising you will get!!

Elite Safelist Mailer banner

8-Golden Op Safelist

This Safelist is a great Mailer to chat and network from all while you advertise your business or Lead Capture Pages!!

Golden Op Safelist banner

9-Hotspot Mailer

This is 1 of many sites owned by Maryanne Myers, a 21 yr marketing vet and programmer. You can reach 42,000 potential leads from this site alone!!!

Hotspot Mailer banner

10-Land Marketing Mailer 

You can reach 2500 potential leads plus earn from this Mailer while you build your email list of leads!

Land Marketing Mailer banner

11-Midnight Mailer

Midnight Mailer has a very active list of potential customers just waiting to see your offers today!

Midnight Mailer banner

12-Fast List Mailer

This a very fun and exciting site owned by Kenny and Sammy Kolijn. These 2 brothers have built a very fun and affordable network of marketers just waiting for you to show them your business and offers!! I highly recommend that you consider upgrading at all of their sites!!

Fast List Mailer banner

13-List Impact

Here is another great site from Kenny and Sammy Kolijn.


14-List Unlocked

Here is another great mailer from Kenny and Sammy Kolijn.

Join List Unlocked

15-List Mailer Plus

Yet another great Safelist and Mailer  from Kenny and Sammy Kolijn.


16-Marketers Paradise Mailer

This another great Mailer from Dave Mosher!! You can send solos to his huge network of hungry prospects!!

Marketers Paridise Mailer banner

17-Tezzer Mail

Tezzer Mail is owned by a long time entrepreneur and Marketer, Tony Tezak. You can reach 1000’s by using this Mailer, and have some fun while doing it!!

Texxer Mailer banner


Do you want to reach over 100,000+ potential customers? Well then check out this monster of a list and income op from Maryanne Myers!!

Pangea Mailer banner

19-My Premium Ads

Dave Mosher has done it again!!! You want to build your list of leads? How about earn some extra cash too? My Premium Leads has got you covered!!!

My Premium Ads banner

20-Viral Commando Profits

Viral Commando Profits is more than just an advertising source….It’s a complete system that allows you to build a list of prospects all while you learn from 1 of the best internet marketers from the last 10yrs!! Marci Jones-Fritz left no stone un-turned when she launched this Safelist and Mailer!!

Viral Commando Profits banner

21-Proactive Mailer

This is a very active list of members that are always looking for income op’s!!

Proactive Mailer banner

22-Quick Silver Mailer

This another 1 of Dave Mosher’s sites…you can send solo ads to 1,000’s, plus you can send regular emails to this very active membership of marketers!!

Quick Silver Mailer banner

23-My Robot Viral Mailer

This is a Great Mailer that is still growing in popularity I use weekly to reach 1000’s of leads!

My Viral Robot Banner

24-Sci-Fi Mailer

This Mailer is super cool to use, still rather new but very active members.

Sci-Fi Mailer Banner

25-Targeted Safelist Mailer

This one of Dave Mosher’s Safelist, very active members and very cheap Solo packages!!

Targeted Safelist Mailer Banner

26-Viral Commissions

This a great site from Marci Jones-Fritz, the owner of Jones-Fritz Marketing. Very active and great potential to earn from as well!!

Viral Commissions Banner

27-Viral Taco Traffic

Marci Jones-Fritz can help you put some heat on your marketing, Just give this one a chance to spice up your income streams and reach!

Viral Taco traffic Banner

28-Big Mailer

I use this Mailer weekly to reach 1000’s of pontential referrals for the free crypto faucets I use everyday! You can mail to the whole list everyday!!

Big Mailer Banner

29-Viral Safelist Mailer

I use this mailer every week to reach over 2000 leads every week!!

Viral Safelist Mailer Banner

30-Web Best Safelist

Dave Mosher owns this great Safelist, lot’s of tools for members and cheap solo package too!

Web Best Safelist Banner

31-Stay At Home Mailer

Janet Lagere owns this Mailer, It’s fairly New but it’s very active and she has been online as a Marketer for quite some time, so I trust her.

Stay at home Mailer Banner

32-List Mailer Pro

I use this mailer each week, it’s still new to me, but so far I am enjoying the results I am getting. Lots of potential here!!

List Mailer Pro Banner

33-Ethereum King Viral Mailer

This is a very new Mailer I came across that I am using weekly. I just signed up in August 2020( about 2 weeks ago) so, I am still up in the air about this 1.

Etheruem King Viral Mailer Banner